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Heavy security, to observe the rules, etiquette, l

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Bid farewell to the long summer, but also ushered in a new school year. Today, the 2015 year first semester Qisehua primary school opening ceremony held in the playground. At the beginning of the ceremony, President Shen, on behalf of the school teachers and students welcome the arrival of the first grade new student, and put forward the "heavy security, abide by the rules, etiquette, message to love the new school year! Shen principal also according to the new code of conduct for the new students, carefully to explain the main points of the students. While the five grade brothers sisters, holding a grade younger brother sister's little hand, to them to send a warm blessing and their own small gifts! Whisper softly, softly! The children's faces filled with joy and happiness! As the first week of school is a safety education week, the teacher and patient to remind students to always keep in mind the safety of the event! At the same time to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war, according to municipal Party committee, city committee, brigade cadres are still on the flag raising ceremony sent the initiative initiative we remember history, cherish peace, courage to play, have a dream good boy! Finally, Zheng Siyu, min Qi Lu two young pioneers also and everybody shared their own in the summer to use summer practice passport to visit the practice experience. New school year, new target. Let us dream, refuels together!