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Montenegro education delegation visited the seven

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The morning of June 5th, Parliament education science culture and Sports Committee of the Republic of Montenegro delegation education committee leadership and the District Education Bureau office led by the National People's Congress, to seven color flowers primary school visit. Seven color flowers primary school warm reception to the guests. They are the Republic of Montenegro parliament, science education culture and sports committee. The delegation accompanied by President Shen Lifen, layer by layer visited the teaching building, art building campus facilities and cultural environment, participate in the art class, music class teaching, experience the forest library reading atmosphere, browse the Feng Zikai children's cartoon exhibition, the most surprising is the children's painting works, most of them enjoy the Chinese tea culture -- from the Taiwan girl performing tea art and the little girl from the Dongding Oolong tea. During their talks, the exchange process, the Republic of Montenegro parliament education science culture and sports committee members expressed strong interest in school rich curriculum, the students in art and so on interest, special performance very much appreciated. The school show quality schools international metropolis image in the reception process, the Huangpu District students like school style.