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Open classroom activities

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seven color flowers primary school 2013 school year second semester "beautiful classroom" exhibition and the parents open activities smoothly in May 28th ended. The open classroom activities for a period of two weeks, all the teachers who are teaching demonstration, teachers participate in the surface coverage of the discipline, almost 100%. In recent years, based on the school of "aesthetic education" educational goals, school teachers to "beauty" of the classroom teaching research and practice as the carrier, and actively explore the basic curriculum and art education integration. Based on absorbing, drawing on the successful experience of art education, deepening reform of our basic curriculum and teaching. This activity is based on the combination of aesthetic education and subjects to explore, improve classroom teaching of teaching strategies, improve the effectiveness and aesthetic teaching. All the teachers carefully study the curriculum standard, the teaching materials and the students learning situation, based on individual, devoted to the subject, teaching materials, resource optimization and reorganization of the multidimensional use, situation, effectively creating spatial extension, hierarchical guidance law school...... A series of teaching behavior, teaching strategy to focus on starting from the needs of the students' learning and individual differences, teaching based on learning, improve students learning quality. The classroom, the children are happy and active, they participate actively, bold expression. Be lively and vivid learning state in the present class parents are pleased. Parents in listening to feedback form have a message, said the work to the teachers' recognition and thanks. The open classroom activities, creating a stage for teachers' teaching and research, build the platform to strengthen communication between the school and the home school cooperation. The parent into the child's classroom, understand their children in school learning; teachers and parents exchange feedback from more comprehensive understanding of the needs of the parents, the students' background and study conditions, the foundation of facts for better implementation of individual education. Next, the school will focus on the open classroom activities continue to carry out online forum as the research activity, summary and Reflection on problems, so as to guide the classroom teaching link, to continue to develop in the direction of beauty.