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Dragon and lion dances kite traditional sports int

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Two dragon turning flying, two lions jumping, in seven color flowers primary school playground, the fourth grade students "Lion Dance" community is like a raging fire; only a different form of kite has continued to launch, in the large lawn Fuxing Park on the fourth grade, "Kite" associations of the students shaking hands at the kite threads, soar to great heights, enjoy the spring breeze brings the dream of joy...... At the beginning of the term, seven color flowers primary school use of social resources, community resources, opened the "Lion Dance", "kite flying" of the national traditional sports curriculum. Since the activities carried out by the students are welcome, they also bring infinite happiness. They are teachers and coaches, some traditional skills have is familiar. In the sports field, they are no longer the audience, but has become Chinese culture and art heritage, practitioners and propagating. Small players weekly training hard, actively preparing for the first game of the dragon culture all-round students held in Shanghai in June, and strive to achieve good results. Carry out the "dragon and lion dances, fly a kite" traditional sports activities, not only enriched the connotation of campus culture, but also to the students to understand the Chinese culture, carry forward, spread national culture has an important role; both fit and healthy, but also can cultivate the spirit of unity and hard work of students. The school will expand the student's sports field continuously, make good use of social resources, the development of rich content of the activity curriculum of physical education, development space will be the students of our school sports activities to a more open, more like, in order to achieve the beauty and healthy curriculum value.