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The Irish senior official delegation visit Qisehua

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Senior officials from the Irish delegation visit to seven color flowers primary school. In the school hall, small musicians school percussion band with a warm, cheerful Brazil dance to welcome the guests from afar, wonderful performance won the applause of the guests. After the end of the show, the children also warmly invited foreign friends photo. Then, accompanied by Professor Shen Lifen, the Irish senior officer corps eagerly visited the campus environment. When they saw the school library and student's paintings do not stop taking photos, greatly. The Irish senior official delegation also and small foreign friend seven color flower study together China pictographic characters, with unique Chinese traditional cultural charm of the calligraphy art forms to present their learning achievements. Lectures vivid in the school language teacher Qian Yuanxing, they learn about the history of calligraphy; in a group of four classes of the first grade foreign teachers help and guidance, they be in the best of spirits to write "day, month, and year of the fire water," the word "horse", and his works collection. At the meeting, both sides exchanged on the construction of special curriculum, teacher training, to deepen the understanding of each other. The head of Ireland's gifts to the school an Irish scenery pictures, and the idea of running a school and the results gave a high evaluation. The exchanges of visits to promote the school open education, upgrade the level of internationalization school played a positive role in promoting.