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New year charity activities

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The morning of January 16, 2014, seven color flowers Research Association Feng Zikai primary school, Yandang community held the new year charity activities. The teacher put the whole multi-function hall layout prosperously, be bursting with happiness, full of the atmosphere of new year. Auction site, Feng Zikai research will bring the Feng Zikai cartoons, paintings, printed beautifully comic notebook, bookmarks and other nursing students; Yandang community brought the community volunteer knitted hats, scarves, gloves; and seven color flower children brought their new stationery, toy, with a grade for the unit pendulum the love stand. The teachers and students, parents and volunteers warmly invited and creative marketing to attract love kids have stopped to pick. Everyone is busy awfully, sweating, the auction venue surging with bursts of warm love. Ruijin street, long hair, Weng section chief to participate in our "help, love" activities, took out the money to buy a Feng Zikai manga poker. Not long after, all goods sold out, students, parents, teachers, full of harvest, smile. In the bazaar, children, teachers, volunteers walk with love, raised a total of 4178.2 yuan will be donated to love money, need to help poor children, children with disabilities and around us the people in need of help. Design, the whole sale activities of the organization and layout and site advertising, shouting, all embody the teachers and students, teachers, community act with united strength and wisdom. Big love, selfless, is a seven color flowers to excellent quality passed from generation to generation. The positive energy transfer the charity bazaar, let the children experience to help others through their own efforts to succeed and fun, but also cultivate children's love and sense of social responsibility.