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Teachers Day

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The sun is shining, the sky, today, the teacher's festival came to! Seven color flowers primary school to celebrate the thirtieth teacher's Day theme activities held in the school five floor theatre. Five (1) of the young pioneers squadron represents the first for the festival today delivered the sincere blessing! In the teacher's holiday, the players can win a prize, should be to give teachers the best gift! The fifth grade students Zhang Yangrui at the 2013 annual Shanghai city schools "moral practice Fashion Figure Award" award, won the Shanghai primary and middle school students "moral practice Fashion Figure Award" (virtue young) 100 excellent candidates for helpful award. In accepting the award winning chenjiaochang red certificate and medal, Zhang Yangrui students appreciate beautiful colorful campus, thank the school the teacher's training let her grow up to be a responsible and caring virtue young! And let the students more exciting is, in this year's teacher's day, teacher Jiang Meifang won the 2014 Shanghai City gardener award! The teachers not only impart knowledge and educate people fruitful, in fact is one versatile. Recently, the school launched "we see the world" photography, painting works selection. The teachers to participate, the students creative studio players and teachers together to vote to participate in the activities. At the same time, also made the selection of warm classroom. In today's stage, these awards are announced one one. In September the song the most beautiful! Best wishes to you, teacher! Players also meet with teachers to redouble their efforts, create more beautiful colorful campus!