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Experience the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

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Art education as the characteristics of the school teachers and students, to feel and experience the art venues, everywhere enjoy various art forms, the art of learning, enjoy the unique charm of art, is a group of our teachers and students love interest and hobbies, but also improve the way teachers and students of the art accomplishment. Our teachers and students with the help of the public more than 60 people learning base course platform, have the honor to share the experience of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra the new museum completed the first rehearsals. 20 at noon, we advance to the road to recovery the new Shanghai Symphony Orchestra the new museum, admission after a visit to the design style, the inside of the building features, sitting in the new seat, quietly feeling and the experience of Japanese architecture. The artistic conception and simple, natural performance. Before the band began to rehearse, a small episode one makes us feel strange. A sound designer walked onto the stage, and assistant to theatre everywhere sound decibel test, all the audience quiet site requirements, so as not to interfere with their test. In order to test, for the situation at the scene to adjust sound, has reached the performance effect better. Look at the symphony orchestra rehearsal opportunity is rare, very interesting. Orchestra members, soprano and command Sir very pleasant cooperation, communication is very smooth, rehearsal seems easy, but let us feel every member of high concentration of thoughts and be strict in one's demands of rehearsal, impressed us. A pleasant experience two hours soon ended. The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has brought a new, fashion art experience to us.